Registering a domain name and hosting one is sometimes mistaken by many people to be one and the same thing. They are in fact two separate services - the domain name registration is the actual name and nothing else, while the hosted domains feature shows the number of already registered domains that one could accommodate within the same website hosting account and have site data and e-mails for them. Your sites will function in exactly the same way no matter whether the domains are registered and hosted at the same place or are registered with company A and directed to company B. Simply registering a domain name without hosting it will give you ownership, but will not enable you to have a website if you don't host this domain name in some account so that records for it are created and it starts opening the content from that account.

Hosted Domains in Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting packages come with a different number of domain names that one can host in one account. If you'd like to have one or a few sites, you don't need a lot of resources, so you do not have to pay for a very powerful plan and you can get started with a lower-end one. If you decide to have more sites later on, you can always upgrade the whole package or just the hosted domains feature of your current package - it's going to take only a couple of clicks in your hosting CP to accomplish this. There is absolutely no limit on how many domain addresses you'll be able to register via our company and by choosing the most suitable plan, you can decide how many of them you'll actually host. If you have domain addresses that are registered via a different provider, you are able to host them with us as well and employ our web and e mail hosting services for them.

Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Servers

Due to the fact that our semi-dedicated plans are very powerful, we've decided not to set any restriction on the number of the domain addresses which you can host if you buy such a plan. This feature is unlimited by default, and not on demand or following some upgrade, it is therefore your decision how many domain addresses you are going to add and how you will employ the system resources of the semi-dedicated hosting account. The plans are controlled using our custom Hepsia hosting Control Panel which will enable you to see and manage all hosted domain addresses from a single location, removing the need to go through different accounts as you'll need to do with other web hosting Control Panels. Additionally, there is no restriction how many domain names you are able to register or transfer and it is your decision how many of them you are going to host within the account.

Hosted Domains in VPS Servers

Our VPS hosting plans can be used to host unrestricted number of domains regardless of the hosting CP that you select during the ordering procedure. You will have plenty of system resources at your disposal, so you can choose how many domains will use them. If you get the VPS with DirectAdmin or cPanel, you'll be able to create an independent hosting account for every single domain and we do not have a restriction for the amount of accounts that you can create. If you pick our Hepsia Control Panel, all domains are going to be controlled from a single account i.e. there will not be a main domain and add-on domains like with the other Control Panels. The second option may very well be more convenient if you do not need to provide access to a specific domain to other people and you do not want to switch between accounts to manage the domain addresses that you host on the server. In addition, any new domain address which you register via Hepsia is going to be hosted automatically on the server without you having to do anything manually after that.